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Check out Big Daily Sale's incredible rewards program!

Yes, Big Daily Sale does have a rewards program! It's really easy; for every purchase you make you’ll be awarded at least 100 pts.

What do these points do? Nothing extraordinary, aside from make what you buy from us even cheaper than our already astoundingly low prices! 100 pts? That’s $1.00 off! 200 pts? $2.00! 100,000 pts. We’re investigating you!

You can even check to see how many points you have by going to the “My Account” section on Big Daily Sale!

Make the most of your bonus points!

There are two ways, actually...two horrible and possibly dangerous ways...

One: Sign up for our newsletter! Why? Because we offer coupons that contain extra discounts and even more bonus points, and you're not gonna get 'em by just sittin' there, slappy! Besides, the newsletter lets us tell you about our latest steals and deals way before anyone else on the Internet! Sign up below!

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Two: Big Daily Sale has a refer a friend program that awards you with ever more bonus points when someone your refer to BDS signs up for the newsletter or makes a purchase. In fact, if you really gave it the ol' college try, elbow grease and a bunch of other outdated sayings, you could be absolutely rolling in points within a couple days! If they sign up, that's 25 points for you! They don't even have to buy anything, but if they DO that's 100 points coming to you! Think about it; 125 points, just like that! Isn't capitalism great?

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That wasn't as horrible as I made it out to be, really...It actually, sounds pretty easy...